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April 18, 2015

New Submission

Standing down in Aggieville all the racist and sexual explicit bumper stickers bother me. I don't want to explain to my son what the "shocker" means.
March 18, 2015

New submission from Kathleen

I used to work for a local non-profit organization in Manhattan and was invited to participate in a charity drive. While working at my booth, a man (who was at least 30 years my senior) walked up behind me and whispered in my ear "My ex-wife was a redhead". I have red hair, so he was obviously trying to use this as some sort of weird pick-up line, but it…
March 8, 2015

New submission from phone app

As I was walking to a friends house, a group of drunkards sang "The Lion King" theme song and laughed at me.


Manhattan Hollaback still needs….YOU!!

Hey Manhattan locals and students, Think street harassment is wrong? Want to help end it? Got 30 minutes a week? Yes?  Good, I need your help. Come join the most badass movement on the planet and meet super incredible people. Together we can end street harassment, one Hollaback at a time!    

Hollaback wants YOU!

Hello all, Hollaback is looking for awesome people!!  If you have an hour or two in your schedule and want to become  part of an incredible team whose mission is to end street harassment, then we need you…Yes YOU!! Don’t have an hour? That’s fine, 30 minutes works too. Ten people with 30 minutes to … Continued

What’s Next?

Thank you for coming out this weekend to see the staged reading of Catcalls.  We loved all the feedback and we are so excited to announce we’ll be taking the show to Fort Riley April 1st! For those of you wondering how to get more involved, how to keep the dialogue going, we have some … Continued