Hollback! Manhattan Kansas was set up in 2013 by graduate students at Kansas State University. We are dedicated to raising awareness, increasing education, and preventing street harassment in our communities.

We use the term ‘street harassment’ to describe unwelcome words and actions by unknown persons in public places which are motivated by gender, race, or sexual orientation. Such words and actions can include: staring, leering, commenting, shouting, following, touching, grabbing, public masturbating, groping, flashing, stalking, assault. Street harassment can be sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, sizeist and/or classist.
Dedicated to fighting street harassment, Hollaback! has empowered people in over 79 cities and 26 countries internationally to respond through a smartphone/web application. Users are encouraged to speak up when they see harassment by quickly documenting it in a short post (photo optional) and sharing it to a publicly viewable map. Anyone browsing the stories on the Hollaback! maps immediately understands 3 things:

1) If you’ve been harassed, you’re not alone,
2) Street harassment is used to exert control over others by making them feel scared or uncomfortable. It is much more than individuals just acting inappropriately.
3) There are street harassment “hotspots” in most cities often centered around high pedestrian traffic areas.

Hollaback! provides comfort to those harassed, and proof that street harassment is a serious problem warranting a serious response from policy makers.  It’s also a chance to connect community members who have experienced or witnessed street harassment and are interested in becoming part of a change in culture.